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Who are you?
We are a group of people who want to server and share our knowledge to a particular group of people that has always been under served.


Do you own all of these images?


Are your images really free?
Yes they are free and we will never contact you for royalties.


How are some people using these images?
Some have told us that they are using them with their sermons, presentations, websites, youth ministries and television broadcasts.


Do you accept images from users and photographers?
NO we don’t accept photos from users because of complicated copyright issues.


Can I give away your images on my site?
NO, we do not give permissions to users to give away our images on their personal site or torrent sites. We don’t give permission to users to sell our images on a CD or on their site. You can use our images on your site as long as you keep the link back to blesson.net


Under no circumstances can you use the images with illegal or immoral (even if legal) content.


┬ęCopyright (2015) by (blesson.net) All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information or retrieval system, without written permission from (blesson.net). All images are copyrighted to (blesson.net). Distribution is forbidden.